How to Write a Sick Leave Request Letter or Email

A sick leave request letter or email is simply a correspondence sent to an employer requesting several days of leave from work to address the employee’s health issues. As stated by the labor code, companies are required to have policies in place that will allow employees to specific amount of leave of absences per year particularly when they are sick without having to lose a day’s pay or salary. But there is a difference between a sick leave and a sick day. When an employee suddenly fell sick, he or she does not need to formally request a leave absence because most of the time, this is just temporary. A quick call to the manager or HR will be enough for a day’s leave due to sickness. But when the leave of absence due to health concerns will take several days or weeks, a sick leave request or email is needed. Today, most companies consider emails as important form of correspondence and you can send your sick leave via an email. Here are some samples for you to consider when drafting a letter.

Sample Sick Leave Request Email

Subject: Request for one month sick leave

Dear (Name of Your Manager or HR Representative)

It is an honor to have the opportunity to work for a great company with a wonderful team. Within the last week, it is quite unfortunate of me not to feel well and I have already visited a doctor who told me I need to undergo several tests to determine my affliction.

Because of the numerous laboratory tests I need to go through, I would like to request your good office for a one month sick leave beginning on Monday, the 25th of June. Should my request for leave of absence be granted, I hope to be able to return to work on July 25, 2016.

I have already made arrangements with Mrs. Barnes to process the files and handle the clients that I am currently working on.

Attached herewith are photocopies of my doctor’s report and request for test evaluations for the company records.


Yours faithfully

Rose Malliot

Accounting Associate


Factors to Consider When Writing A Sick Leave Request Email

When filing for a sick leave request through email, there are several things you need to consider. First of all, you need to consider the person you are sending the email to as well as the culture in your office. In most organizations, communications are often informal. If this is the case in your office, you might consider writing a less formal email such as the example below with the following format:

Dear John Doe,

I have not expected that my health will fail me at this time when we are in the middle of assessing our inventory. But if it is possible, I would like to take advantage of my one month sick leave to deal with my health issues as recommended by my doctor. The doctor’s recommendation is for me take several tests and have some rest so he can come up with diagnosis based on the results of my tests. Should you grant me with my request, I hope to take a leave of absence on Monday, the 25th of June…..

This semi – formal email format should be addressed to the proper person in charge in your organization. You may opt to furnish your Human Resource Department a copy of your letter of your office has an HR. Regardless, make sure that your immediate superior is given a copy of your letter.

As you write your sick leave request, it is important to make sure that your company will still be able to function properly even in your absence. It is very inappropriate to take a leave of absence when you have some important tasks that are left unfinished. This is why as a professional gesture; you need to indicate in your letter how you plan to make things work properly during your one month leave. Although your superior will still have the final say on how they want things to work during your absence, it will clearly indicate that you take your company’s success seriously and you do not plan to leave unfinished tasks hanging.

Regardless of whether you are writing a formal or semi formal sick leave request, here is a line you may consider to include in your letter:

Ms. Barnes from the accounting department has graciously proposed to assume my workload and file my reports I already prepared for the week. But if you prefer to pass my workload to other employees, please feel free to do so.

Details To Include In Your Sick Leave Request

The volume of details you need to include in your sick leave request letter or email will depend on the gravity of your affliction and how much details are already known to your superior. For example, if your sickness is sudden or you were involved in an accident that would require you take some days off to recuperate, it is vital that you explain not only why it is impossible for you to come to work but also the details of your accident or sickness.

But if you have already been taking some day off over the course of time and your superior already understands the reason why, you may simply state that some issues regarding your health have worsened and your doctor has finally recommended that you undergo some tests and rest. In most cases, it is important that you let your immediate superior know what exactly is going on and when you are planning to return to work. However, there are times when the serious health conditions are involved and you may not be able to predict exactly when you are able to return to office. In cases like this, it is vital that you let your superior know how things develop so he or she may be able to assess how to make things work in the office and delegate your tasks during your absence.

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