Follow-up Letter on Pay Raise after Probation Period

Dear (Supervisor),

I am writing to convey my profound gratitude for the position you have granted me within this great company. Every day I am proud to count myself as one of the employees for such a tremendous corporation that can do nothing but grow. We have a great reputation and I am pleased to be one of the few that gets to contribute to its growth.

I am confident that my effort and contribution over the last six months of my probation period have been noticed and appreciated. I have put forth many new ideas and developments that have moved the company forward and are proof of my qualifications and experience in the field. I believe that I have been very useful and helpful to my colleagues and I strive to meet all of the objectives I am given. I meet all my deadlines and reach out to help with extra work when I am able.

I am very much looking forward to the salary increment I was assured of at the time of my hire provided my work ethic is up to standard. I look forward to discussing this further.

Thank you for your consideration,

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