Sample Letter Demanding Payment for Services

Dear (Customer),

I am writing to you to request the payment I am owed.

We completed the work you contracted through my company months ago and have yet to see any attempt at payment. You currently owe a substantial amount and I am giving you the opportunity to rectify this issue before I take it to small claims court.

I have no desire to go this route but as a small business owner every payment is important. If you are having financial trouble and cannot make the payment please contact my company and we can discuss the matter further. I would like to rectify this issue as pleasantly as possible but if I do not hear from you or receive payment within two weeks, expect to see a court summons.

I enjoyed meeting with you and you gave all indication that our work was beyond satisfactory and that you were pleased with our timeliness. We hope you are continuing to enjoy the work we completed and as soon as we receive the payment all contact will be concluded.

If you would like to send payment or discuss the issue further please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.


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