Sample Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Boyfriend

My Dearest Michael,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I remember the very first day I met you. Admittedly, the first impression wasn’t the best, but that’s part of why I remember it so well now. I saw this gangly nerdy boy with headphones on and I thought you were trying too hard. Then I got to know you. We sat in our history course together and we laughed and everyone looked at us like we were crazy. I remember the exact moment I knew I loved you. I think you knew it too.

You made a joke and no one else seemed to care, but we kept laughing until we were crying tears and our stomachs ached. You had been walking me to my car for months and yet you never said anything. I knew on the last day of class that if I didn’t seize the moment I would lose you forever. Quietly, I told you I liked you and all you did was hug me. I remember every second of how warm your arms felt. It was the most perfect moment. I often think of what life would be like had we never said a word. Every day I’m so grateful for you. I never knew my life could become so wonderful and I know it’s all because of you.


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