Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Overtime Pay

Dear Michael Scott,

I am writing to request a reduction in hours and to demand the overtime pay that I am owed. Over the last few months the business has been very busy. I am proud that the company is doing very well and I am pleased to be one of the employees that has helped to expand and improve the business. I understand the need for more employees and that sometimes it is necessary for us to work extra hours. However, over the last few busy months I have regularly been working excessive hours and have not been compensated properly.

I strive to do everything that I can be a model employee but I feel that I should be compensated for my contribution. I would also like to request a reduction in hours. I know this can be difficult as the shop is growing quickly, but I can no longer take all of this time away from my family. I have watched as this business has grown in leaps and bounds and feel that it is now time for me to return to my regular schedule.

I look forward to receiving my overtime pay and I welcome any discussion you may wish to have regarding my hours.

John Doe

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