Sample Plea Letter to Judge for Leniency

Dear Judge Judy,

I am writing today to request leniency. I know many would feel that I do not deserve leniency but I would like to illustrate that they do not know how I have improved. I know what I did was wrong and it was a horrible mistake that I cannot take back. I would if I could. To make amends I have done everything I can to become a better person.

I have recognized that the group of friends I was spending time with was bad for me and I have since cut all ties. I have begun therapy which has helped me to deal with my abusive childhood as well as with my frequent run ins with the law. Like most things, it is a work in progress but my therapist assures me that I have already improved greatly. I have found a full time job at my local In-N-Out Burger restaurant, and I will be ending my probationary period in just a few weeks. I tell you all of this to show that I am doing everything I can to be a positive contributor to society. I hope that you will take my growth into consideration and may offer some leniency.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for considering my request.

John Doe

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