Sample Letter Informing Clients That You’ve Switched Companies

If you are planning to switch companies, you need to inform your clients in a succinct email letter. Whether you resigned, found a new job, or transferred to a new internal position, it is unprofessional if you simply ditch your clients without saying a proper goodbye. In your letter you want to give a brief description of why you are leaving your client and introduce the new contact person. Keep in mind that you want to make the transition as easy as possible for the client.

Put yourself in his or her shoes and try to think about their top priorities and how they will be impacted by your move. In addition to writing a great letter, make sure to update the person who will be replacing you. Small steps to ensure a smooth transition will only help you in the long run. Below are two sample letters letting clients know that you will no longer be their main point of contact.

Sample Letter Informing Clients of a New Contact Person

Dear Client,

I am writing this letter with the purpose of notifying you that as of October 14, 2015, I will be departing Ventolux International and joining Labtaxon Incorporation.

I leave with various emotions of both enthusiasm and sorrow, as it was an immense pleasure to work with you for the past seven years. Your perceptive contributions and amazing work ethic were unquestionably, a huge part to progressing our firm towards a brighter future. I am fully confident that you will continue to receive the best service and competence from the company. Feel free to reach me at 333-656-4444, or via email at

As for your future inquiries, kindly contact Kate Brooks, as she will be managing and keeping order of my contacts as of October 14, 2015. I have thoroughly reviewed your outlined profile with her and offered her all the essential details concerning your affiliation with the company. You can call her at 333-828-7777 or send her an email at with any questions or concerns.

I would like to thank you for offering me the chance to work with you and your company. It has been a truly rewarding experience working with you all these years.

Best regards,
John Doe

Sample Letter Informing Clients of a Resignation

Dear Client,

I am writing this letter to officially inform you that as of November 12, 2014, I will be resigning from Radeon International and starting work at Intromed Incorporation.

Taking such a huge step has without a doubt been one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make in my life. It is incontestable that without your continuous contributions and buoyant generosity within our programs, the company could not have possibly maintained its contemporary rank in the market, nor could it have sustained such astronomical success.

Regarding your future relationship with Radeon International, the company’s other employees will undoubtedly carry on offering you the same amenities and services. As of November 12, 2014, Mrs. Jane Peters will be your main contact. She can be reached by phone at 111-202-4444 or by email at

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity of assisting you, as well as flourishing and expanding our company. I will be available by phone at 111-414-6666, or via e-mail at

Yours faithfully,
John Doe

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