Sample Doctor’s Note To Cancel Gym Membership

Need help getting out of a gym membership? If you answered yes, rest assured you are not the only one. I’ve heard countless horror stories over the years from friends and family who have had the most difficult times trying to cancel their membership and put an end to their monthly fees.

Sometimes even when they were able to successfully cancel over the phone, their monthly bills told them otherwise. Before, you ask your physician for a doctor’s note, read your contract! Often times, you may just have to pay your monthly bills and let the contract expire. There is really nothing much you can do if you signed across the dotted line. This is why you should read every contract carefully, whether your purchasing a new house or getting a new gym membership. If you are physically incapable of attending the gym, you might want to take a look at the sample doctor’s notes below.

Doctor’s Note to Cancel Gym Membership Letter – Example

Dear Mr. Smith,

My name is Dr. Stacey Lynne. I am a certified physician under the American Board of Medicine complying with the federal law of the state of California, and I am writing this letter with the aim of updating you on my patient’s medical condition.

Mr. Michael A. Stewart, who has been under my care for 7 years, and who happens to be a member at your gym, has recently gotten into an accident while playing a game of tennis with his family on October 12, 2014.

Mr. Stewart has been the victim of a muscle strain in his left arm, which has caused severe swelling, bruising and open cuts. His incapability of physically using his arm in any way, accompanied with a high fever and pain muscle spasms have rendered him incapable of performing any usual day-to-day activities.

In concordance with his situation, which radically interferes with his ability to move his torn muscle, Mr. Stewart has contacted me in hopes that I would reach out to you to cancel his membership at your gym. Mr Steward will not be able to attend the gym for the next six to eight months.

Mr. Stewart’s membership number allocated to his current account is #99999. His membership is entitled for annulment on December 1, 2014. Please regard this letter as your certified 45 days’ notice of my patient’s intention of canceling his membership, consistent with your contract stipulations.

You can contact me on 222-737-5555 for further inquiries regarding my patient’s case.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stacey Lynne

Sample Doctor’s Note – Example #2

Dear Mr. Thomas,

My name is Dr. Kate Brooks. Please consider this letter as a formal request to cancel my patient’s (John Smith) gym membership.

Mr. Smith has been under my care for 4 years now. As a result of a recent spinal cord injury on October 14, 2014, he is currently undergoing a careful examination and might not be able to perform any of his usual diurnal tasks. Unless his situation is vigilantly dealt with, Mr. Smith could be the victim of paraplegia, which would render him partially paralyzed.

In light of this injury, Mr. Smith would like his membership at your gym to be cancelled immediately, as he would clearly be incapable of being present there any longer.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Dr. Kate Brooks

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