Sample Agreement Letter For Child Support

In the event of a divorce or an end to a relationship, it is important to create and sign a child support agreement letter between the father and the mother of the child. This will hopefully make it easier to clear up any confusion or future financial disputes. Often times, parents who do not sign a child support agreement letter, end up fighting in court, incurring huge costs in terms of lawyer fees that could have largely been avoided.

Since child support laws vary from state to state, it is imperative that you check on your local government’s website to see which ones apply to you. Keep in mind that the sample below should not be taken as legal advice. If you have any legal questions with regards to creating a child support document, it is best to seek an attorney near you.

Child Support Agreement Letter Between Parents

This is a child support agreement between I, Oliver Queen, and Laurel Queen regarding our daughter Elizabeth Queen. We have come to an agreement on the future of our child and how she will be raised.

Residence – The child will spend the majority of her time with me. She will stay with me every day except for every other weekend which she will spend with her mother. She will go to school in the county of my residence and this will not change. Any vacations such as summer and winter will be split between us unless otherwise discussed.

Daily Care – The daily cost of care will be split between the mother and me, at a split of 80/20. I will take 80% and her mother will take 20% of the cost until she is 15. Once she is 15, then we will switch, and I will assume the 20% and her mother will be responsible for the other 80%. This will include food, clothing, and any other child related expense.

Medical Care – The child will be covered under her mother’s medical insurance through her work. Her mother will also be responsible for any other medical related expenses including office visits, prescriptions, dental, and vision. If there are any serious medical issues when the total amount out-of-pocket is more than $2000, then the cost will be split 50/50 for anything above $2000.

First Car – The first car purchased will be purchased or leased by me, and I will pay for the car payment. It will be a 4-door sedan no more than 5 years old. The insurance will be split between her mother and I, 50 / 50.

College Education – Every month, the two of us will deposit a total of $500 into a savings account for her college education. This will also be a 50/50 split.

Any other expense not covered in this agreement will be split 50/50 between us unless another agreement is made beforehand and will be documented as well.

Father’s Signature, Date
Mother’s Signature, Date

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