Sample Parole Board Support Letter

A parole board support letter is the perfect way to show support for a friend, family member or loved one. When you provide a letter, the parole board may take it under consideration during their review process. Your letter should be simple and straight to the point in regards to how you can support the innate if he or she is able to get parole. One well-written letter is more powerful and influential than many poorly written ones.

Before writing the letter, it is best to check the rules and guidelines of the parole board institution, which may differ by state. Find the prison contact information online and call them to ask for the appropriate guidelines. Also, it might be in your best interest to ask for recommendations and tips on how to craft an ideal letter. It is also important to keep in mind that your letter should not provide any legal advice if you are not a lawyer. The letter below is a sample parole board support letter and should not be used as legal advice. If you are seeking advice, contact an attorney near you.

Michael Birk Davidson
1428 Elm Street, Los Angeles, CA 90046

To The State Of California Parole Board
Parole Board Chairman: Benjamin King
Regarding Inmate Josh Birk Davidson
DOC# 03062467
1408 South Dakota Ave, Charming, CA 90423

Dear Mr. King,

My name is Michael Davidson. I am writing you about my brother who is going up for parole on Oct 31st 2014. He has served five years of a seven-year sentence already. This is his first time going up for parole. I work as a Sales Manager at a local car dealership in the Los Angeles area, and have done so for the past 12 years.

When I first learned about my brother’s crime, I was in shock that he would break the law. I thought I would never be able to forgive him for bringing disgrace to our family name. He is my brother, so I visited him about a year after he was sent to prison. I just wanted to see how he was doing, and I was truly shocked at what I found. In the one year he had already completed, he had received his GED, and was taking some elective courses in Business Management that were offered to him. I kept coming back to see him, and he not only expressed true remorse for what he had done, but he was actually taking all the right steps to correct his life. He started attending church, and started mentoring new inmates that wanted to change their lives as well.

If he is released, we have a spare bedroom he can stay in until he can save enough money to afford his own place. I also have a job lined up for him at another car dealership selling used cars. I have put my reputation on the line because he understands what he did was wrong, and is truly regretful for it. The dealership he will be working at is less than a four-minute walk from our home. I know once you meet him you will see exactly what I am talking about. He will have the proper support system to ensure he will be a successful member of our community. Thank you so much for reading this, and for your consideration.


Michael Birk Davidson

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