Sample Welcome Letter to Parents from Teacher

Below is a sample welcome letter to parents from teachers. Many schools require teachers or principals to write their own welcome letters for first-day orientation or parent-teacher conference. A well-written welcome letter will allow the parents of your students to get a better understanding of what to expect in terms of homework, lesson plans and classroom activities.

Although it is important to provide important information, you want to keep your welcome letter short and simple. While a lot of parents are concerned about their child and how he or she is doing in school, they can be overwhelmed by too much information, especially during the first day of orientation. Your welcome letter should be no longer than a page and should include crucial information like class schedule, homework schedule, discipline policy and contact information. If you are having difficulty in writing a welcome letter to parents, take a look at the sample below.

Welcome Letter to Parents from Teacher

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Miss Burns and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the first grade at P.S. 31. First grade is an exciting time for students to embark on a new journey to learn how to read, write, add, subtract and do so much more! I will work hard to make sure that your child obtains the attention that he or she deserves. I hope to make education fun for all and instill a love of learning for all my students. As parents and guardians, I hope you will be able to support your child’s progress and work with me to guarantee your child’s success. Below are a few ways you can help foster your child’s education:

1. Read Read Read! Go to the library and read to your child as much as possible. It is important to help your child to enjoy the art of reading and getting him or her comfortable with seeing written words. Make a library card for your child.

2. Make sure to check that they do all their homework. If they need help, please do so without giving away answers. Positive reinforcement and encouragement is crucial to building up your child’s self-esteem.

Everyday, your child will bring home a folder. On the left-side of the folder will be slips and forms that need to be signed and returned to school the next day. On the right-side of the folder will be homework and assignments that need to be completed the next day. Homework assignments are given every single day during the week unless noted otherwise.

The discipline policy for my classroom is short and simple. There are 5 rules that each student must follow:

1. Listen to the teacher at all times.
2. Always raise your hand before speaking and ask permission.
3. No running.
4. Keep your hands to yourself.
5. Respect other classmates.

If the student breaks any of these rules, the following discipline measures will be taken:

1. First infraction: Verbal warning
2. Second infraction: Sit in the time out chair
3. Third infraction: No recess
4. Fourth infraction: Principal’s Office
5. Fifth infraction: Notify parents

If you have any questions about your child’s education or simply want to talk with me, I can be reached by either telephone (718)333-3333 or email at Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to teaching your children this year and pushing them to reach their fullest potential.


Miss Burns

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