Sample Letter of Financial Support for Family

Looking at a sample letter of financial support for a family can serve as a guide to help you write convincing and effective letters. During economic downtimes, many individuals lose their jobs and savings. When there is no money to support your family members, whether it be a husband, wife, son, or daughter, the next best thing to do is to ask relatives, friends or charities.

However, for many people, asking for help may be tough on the ego. Some stubborn individuals will absolutely refuse to ask for help no matter how desperate they are. It is important to keep in mind that while working hard on your own to help support the family is admirable, everyone needs the help of others from time to time. Being able to ask for help may mean the difference between eating and starving.

By placing the security and well-being of a family in front of pride and knowing when to ask for help and when not to, is also a sign of good judgement. While I always encourage people to ask for financial assistance in person, it is also a good idea to write down and figure out a plan of how you are going to ask for help. Take a look at a few samples of family assistance hardship letters below.

Financial Hardship Assistance Letter: Unpaid Child Support

Dear Jane Doe,

I am a single mother of four children, ages 3, 4, 6 and 7. Two years ago, I divorced my husband due to irreconcilable differences. As of the last three months, I have not been able to receive any child support checks from my ex-husband. I have tried getting in touch with him via phone and email, but I have yet to receive any response. I am suppose to receive $500 every two weeks and I am currently owed $3,000 dollars. I need this money to feed and clothe my children, as well as pay the monthly rent, which amounts to $1,200 dollars.

I am writing this letter in hopes that you or your law firm would be able to contact my husband and quickly schedule payment for child support. I understand that you have extensive experience practicing divorce law and have been actively providing pro bono legal services to other single mothers as well. As a desperate mother trying to keep my family from being evicted and thrown out on to the streets, I would be eternally grateful if you would be kind enough to look into my case.


Judy Smith

Government Financial Assistance: Food Stamps, Low-income housing or Healthcare

I am writing this letter to inquire about my application to be eligible for food stamps (low-income housing or healthcare). My husband is a disabled Iraqi veteran who stays at home and needs to be seen by a nurse a few times a week. I am the sole income owner, currently working full-time in the fast food industry, making a monthly salary of $2,500. This is not enough to pay the rent, feed my three children, and take care of my disabled husband.

I just learned that as of next month, I will be no longer be part of the full-time staff. My hours will be reduced to 32 hours and I will no longer be able to provide health care for my family. I ask that you consider the hardship that my family has to face when deciding our eligibility for welfare.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. I can also provide my bank statement as evidence of our financial hardship. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sally Smith

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