Sample Cover Letter for Internal Position

Writing a cover letter for an internal position at the same company is tricky business and you should tread lightly. While working in the same company allows you the advantage of knowing how the company operates and selects its employees, you should still approach the task the same way you would when applying for any other job. The good news is that current trends seem to show that companies are hiring more internally in order to save costs on the process of recruiting and interviewing.

Before you go ahead and apply for the new internal job, make sure that you really want it. Network with coworkers and people of that department and get a firm understanding of what they do. How would you benefit if you were to take the new job? Is it worth it? It is also important to keep in mind the consequences of not getting the new job. You will have to continue working for a company that decided not to hire you for one of their departments. Could you live with that feeling?

Internal Job Posting Cover Letter – Example

Dear John Doe,

I am applying for the position of Director of South East Asia Operations.

As a loyal employee for Caterpillar Inc. for more than 10 years, I have had the unique position of working in nearly all the departments and getting a complete picture of how the company functions and operates. During my many years as an employee, I have always come to work on time and never taken a sick day. This shows my commitment to the success of this firm.

During my time as manager of global operations, the company’s revenues quadrupled from 10 million dollars to 40 million dollars. Employee turnover rates have also been at an all-time low and it appears that the company still has many years of growth and success ahead, shown by its recent acquisition of Blue Butterfly.

I hope to continue working at Caterpillar Inc., and help the company grow, in terms of marketshare and profit margins. I ask that you take a look at my long illustrative career and see the contributions I have made as an employee. I am ready to take on a bigger leadership role with more responsibilities.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Tom Smith

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to find out whether you’re applying for a transfer or a promotion. The process may be different for current employees, and you may not be required to go through the same steps as that of other people applying from outside the company. One of your biggest advantage is that you have the ability to network with the people who will hire you. This can give you the edge at an interview and will allow you to prepare for more than just the list of regular questions. Make sure that when you’re writing the cover letter, you target it specifically towards the internal job you’re applying. It might also be a good idea to explain your reasons for wanting to move within the company. Lastly, let your boss know as soon as you decide to apply for an internal job within the company. It might not fare well if he or she finds out from someone else.

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