How To Get People to Send You Free Money – Sample Letter

Are you in a desperate situation and you need to learn how to get people to send you free money? Asking for money or begging is an art form whether you do it online or in the real world. Contrary to popular belief, beggars can actually make a full-time living depending on their location and their work hours. Some panhandlers have reported annual incomes of 30 to 60,000 dollars a year, tax-free! Although, this enormous success is enjoyed by very select few, it goes to show that people will give money based on your situation and if they can make a connection with your plight.


Perhaps the best places to start are charitable organizations that cater to your specific needs. In order to find organizations, all you need to do is perform a simple Google search and you’ll come across a ton of resources. Be wary of organizations that ask for your credit card number, social security number or an upfront fee. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of an organization, it is best to give them a call to talk with an actual representative or do a simple background check by entering the name of the organization and typing the word “scam” next to it. This will most likely lead you to forums or articles that talk about any fraudulent activities if there are any.

List of a few well-know charity organizations

1. Oprah’s Angel Network
2. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
3. American Red Cross
4. American Cancer Society
5. Feeding America
6. World Vision
7. Futures Without Violence
8. Wounded Warrior Project
9. Electronic Frontier Foundation
10. Food For the Poor

Free Letter Template Asking for Money

Dear John Doe,

I am currently a single mother raising three children, ages 3, 5, and 9. I receive no child support from the father and I am working one full-time job and two part time jobs just to live paycheck to paycheck. I am also living on welfare and some small monthly contributions from my parents.

Recently, my roof was damaged from a severe rainstorm and there is constant leaking in the kitchen and living room. Mold has started to spread throughout the house. I am unable to move my entire family to live with my parents or relatives. However, I am afraid that the mold will affect my children’s health. I’ve done everything to get rid of it, but they have all failed.

The source of the problem is the leaking roof, which I can’t fix because of my low income. I can’t afford to spend a few hundred when I need to feed my children. If you could be so kind to send some money so I could fix my roof, I would greatly appreciate it.


Jane Doe

Online Begging

This sample letter can be used to solicit financial help from charitable organizations as well as online sources. There are several websites that cater to providing financial help via PayPal or other online payment system. I’ve also noticed that social media sites like Reddit also help people who are in need. If you go to their Assistance section, you can see a lot of people asking for money for a variety of reasons.

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